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[Read: 25 compliments for guys they’ll never forget! Men like to feel in control—it’s innate in their nature.They often want to feel in charge, so let him fill that role.[Read: 5 signs you’re already smothering your partner] #3 Like his friends.A good girlfriend will not stir conflict between herself and her man’s friends—or worse, make his man choose between her and his friends.Show that you trust your man enough to let him live his life.In the end, he’ll be the one who will be chasing you.

[Read: 10 ways to be a better listener in your relationship] #11 Pick your battles. It’s not worth ruining a good day with your man, or even ruining your relationship, over something trivial.He’ll want to spend more time with you, and he’ll want to please you, too. So he can be frustratingly childish and messy at times. A good girlfriend knows the art of “nagging” constructively. Instead, talk to him in a soft, even seductive, tone.Disarm him with your sweetness and let your concern shine through instead of your need to control by nagging. So he’s had a bad day and he just wants to rant for the rest of the evening. A key to healthy relationships is communication, and crucial to this is listening.You want to be the best girlfriend for him so that he can be the best boyfriend for you. How to be a good girlfriend As it turns out, there’s no one secret to staying together for the long haul, but there are a few simple things you can do to make you the best girlfriend he’s ever had. You’re not just there for each other to roll around in the hay and go at it in bed. [Read: 12 easy ways to keep intimacy alive in a relationship] #2 Give him his space. While constantly calling and texting him may be all right in the first stages of your relationship, it can get old pretty soon.Read on to find out what you can do to make him wake up with a smile every day. So if you don’t ease up on demanding for his attention, he’ll want to break free and break up.

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By giving his ego a boost, he won’t go looking for other means *or other girls* to make him feel good about himself.

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