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One day, you’re getting a nice little trickle of traffic to a few of your posts. I’d just spent three months and hundreds of hours writing sixtysomething articles on real estate investing, but Google erased all that effort in a heartbeat. Well, I can’t know for sure, but it was probably because I was paying guys in the Philippines to submit my site to a bunch of shoddy link directories. Matt Cutts, on behalf of Google Link directories are, by far, one of the most misunderstood parts of SEO Once upon a time, they were an essential piece of any campaign to launch a new site.

No, it’s nothing major, but it grows with every new post you publish, and you can see Google becoming a major source of traffic for you in the future. Poof, every single post and page of your blog disappears from Google. I had also started selling text links on my site – another big no-no. I thought everything I was doing was totally legitimate. You could submit your blog to and a few industry-specific link directories, and you get a quick boost in your search rankings. If your blog is about surfing, then it makes sense to be included in all the link directories about surfing. here’s the problem: Google looks at the web as consisting of “neighborhoods.” If your blog is frequently mentioned next to trusted, authority sites, you’re part of a “good neighborhood.” If all your links come from pages linking to thousands of junky sites, on the other hand, you’re part of a “bad neighborhood.” Which one do you think link directories are? Because anyone can submit their site, most link directories become nothing more than a repository for junk.

And if you can invest in that kind of gift to yourself, I promise you this will be the best money you’ve ever spent.

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Even if your blog is totally legitimate, you’re guilty by association. The idea is you could write an article, “spin” multiple versions of it, making small adjustments to the wording, and then submit those versions to different websites that collect free articles in exchange for a link back to your site. Back then, quite a few search results were dominated by sites like E-Zine Articles and Article Base. Yes, lots of people still do article marketing, but it’s a dying technique.

Now, that’s not to imply all link directories are bad. Here’s why: Remember how I said Google is always getting smarter?

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And, many users also use directory sites to find specific websites.

As many search engines are used to index and update their database on the base of directory sites’ listings, so if your website has been submitted into a high PR directory, there would be more chance to get index of web pages in the search engines.

When you make changes to your structured data and you want to notify our systems ahead of our regular schedule, you can resubmit your sitemap to Search Console following the same process you used to submit your first sitemap.

Directory submission is an important SEO activity for off-page optimization.

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