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The FDIC is often appointed as receiver for failed banks.This page contains useful information for the customers and vendors of these banks.The topologies of the phylogenetic trees generated by three different methods (NJ, mpars, and ML) were very similar, although the internal branching pattern within some well-defined clusters remained ambiguous.Figures 1 and 2 show the NJ tree of the LTR and regions, respectively, with bootstrap support for the NJ and mpars trees noted on the branches.For ideal data, this is a tree, whereas less ideal data will give rise to a treelike network that can be interpreted as possible evidence for different and conflicting phylogenies.The molecular-clock hypothesis, assuming a constant rate of evolution, was tested on the LTR- data set in Puzzle, version 4.0 (Strimmer and von Haeseler 1997 ), as previously described (Van Dooren et al. The most appropriate substitution model for HTLV-I, the Tamura-Nei substitution model with a gamma distributed rate heterogeneity (Salemi, Desmyter, and Vandamme 2000 ), was used.Virtually all Old World monkey species from the Cercopithecinae subfamily (Macaca, Cercopithecus, Papio, Mandrillus, Cercocebus and Erythrocebus) and from the Pongidae family () harbor STLV-I (Lee et al. The split decomposition method is a transformation-based approach.

Evolutionary data are transformed, or, more precisely, “canonically decomposed,” into a sum of “weakly compatible splits” and then represented by a so-called splits graph.Interspecies transmissions, most probably simian to human, must have occurred around that time and probably continued later. The Gen Bank accession numbers for the phylogenetic analysis were AF035542–AF035545, AF045928, D00294, J02029, L02534, L36905, L42250, L46624, L46627, L46628, L46630, L46641, L46645, L76414, M94195, U03122, U03124, U03126–U03132, U03134, U03142, U03146– U03152, U03154, U03157–U03160, U56855, U94516, X88882, Y13348, Y16486, Y16492, Y17021–Y17023, Y19058–Y19061, Z28966, and Z46900.When the synonymous and nonsynonymous substitution ratios were compared, it was clear that purifying selection was the driving force for PTLV-I evolution in the The human and simian T-cell lymphotropic viruses type I (HTLV-I and STLV-I, respectively) share numerous epidemiological, molecular, phylogenetic, and geographical features and are therefore referred to as primate T-cell lymphotropic viruses type I (PTLV-I). The program Splits Tree, version 2.3f (Huson 1998 ), was used to generate splits graphs for the LTR- (third-codon-position) data set composed for the molecular-clock analysis.However, when the LTR data set was combined with only the third codon position (3rdcp) of the gp21 revealed no statistical difference in the estimates of the branch lengths (data not shown).When the latter data set was tested for substitution saturation using Dambe (Xia 2000 ), it was clear that no saturation could be observed when transitions and transversions were plotted versus evolutionary distance (fig. The plot shows that transitions and transversions increase linearly with increasing divergence between different PTLV strains.

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for HTLV-Id STLV-I—AF04931, L46624, L46644, L46645, L76414, Y19060, Y19061.

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