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Neither Maheny nor Harris were seminary educated, and it appears (from Harris’s own account) that Christian Higher Education was something actively dismissed by them.The point is this: we might look at Harris’s story and conclude that he’s left Christianity.Women (it seems to me especially) from the 90s who had grown up on Harris’s logic were frustrated with how it had idolized sex and marriage, and how the realities of those institutions didn’t match up.Perhaps no greater image of the rejection of purity culture can be found that that of Nadia Bolz-Weber, gathering purity rings from her female members and (without any apparent awareness of Aaronic irony) causing them to be melted into he shape of a giant vulva.I remember thinking, at the time, that this was a great thing. In the intervening years, Harris’s name popped up again—this time as he began to distance himself from the claims of his famous book.He helped to produce a documentary, called “I survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye,” and eventually formally recanted the teaching of the book and asked the publisher to stop selling it.I read through the information at the time, and felt then that these seemed very much like the moves of someone coming into maturity.

If this is accurate, then Harris’s honesty (about his faith) is something that should genuinely be applauded.Those who had sacrificed themselves to purity would redeem the image of the vagina.Harris emerged again last week, of course, with two subsequent bombshell announcements.), the second (also through Instagram) that he had left the Christian faith.Harris’s journey of ‘deconstruction’ (his own word) appears complete.

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