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Official records suggests he may have been involved with flying instruction, after being transferred to 49 Training Depot Station (TDS) at Catterick & then Redcar (N. Area Flying Instructors’ School) in the summer of 1918. ) at its London Headquarters and at local area branches in and around capital (Regent’s Park, Brixton Rd, Kidbrook Rd, Reigate).He finally left the RAF in March 1920 with the rank of full Lieutenant (Tech).This Committee would compile an important report that investigated the decasualising of British dock labour system & the administration of unemployment insurance schemes for dock workers.This probably explains Bullock’s close association with the Port of London during this period, still very much the commercial lifeblood of Britain’s imperial & maritime trade.Recent blog posts by fellow map dealer, Tim Bryars on the subject of civil servant cartographer, Leslie George Bullock [1895-1971] greatly intrigued me and have led me to delve a little more deeply into the biography & family background of this interesting mapmaker, whose distinctive & highly decorative series of maps of cities and regions of the British Isles, designed over a period of 32 years, must have presented Edinburgh publishers, John Bartholomew & Son Ltd, with some of their most popular, long-lived and profitable cartographic productions.Bullock’s decorative maps informed & illuminated the childhood (& adult) years of at least two generations of British families, my own included, and it seems wider recognition and acknowledgement of this gifted artist & popular cartographer is long overdue.Bullock subsequently joined the Civil Service, working at the Ministry of Labour.

These would become his personal hallmark as a cartographer and undoubtedly accounted for the enduring popularity and longevity of his maps.It is a role that he appears to have retained through to 1939.It was during this time in Scotland that he designed the first of his many decorative maps, a Bullock would no doubt have been readily familiar with the City of Glasgow having worked as civil servant in Scotland over the previous five years, much of it very probably in and around the Glasgow area.Much of what we currently know of Bullock comes from the brief biography found on the back cover of Frederick Warne’s second 1960 edition ofat Forest Gate, West Ham, the eldest child of George Thomas Bullock [1869-1941] and Ada Louisa Johnson [1871-1947].Soon after his birth the family moved to Leigham Vale in Streatham, South West London, where his three younger siblings would be born.

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