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Some antique pieces, constructed from yellow gold, have silver work added, often in areas where stones are set.

Because yellow gold imparts a yellowish tint to colorless stones when used for setting, adding silver minimizes the effect.

There are some very nice antique ‘Bohemian Garnet’ pieces set in brass.

Pieces, such as these, are also made in low karat gold alloys and with quality karat gold settings, so all merit a careful examination.

Platinum was popular from its first usage until about WWII. Palladium, a platinum family metal, is used in some pieces from this period, often in an alloy that included iridium.

In some cases it is an honest effor, but in others the intent of the parties involved are less then honorable.

Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, is probably the most common substitute for gold in older pieces.

The alloy is normally a mix of metals, with nickel providing the white color.

Some nickel free alloys exist that incorporate metals from the platinum family to obtain a white color.

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Due to its’ characteristics, silver is not as durable a material for some items as gold.

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