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Orders placed with the waiter, they each take a deep breath, ready to dive into a new line of conversation. Even during the contentious 2016 presidential election, people preferred political conversations to religious ones. Religious compatibility isn't a top-of-mind concern for many relationship seekers, who are often more focused on finding someone who likes the same television shows or outdoor activities.

Only 44 percent of Americans say shared religious beliefs are very important for a successful marriage, compared to 66 percent who say having shared interests, 63 percent who say a satisfying sexual relationship and 62 percent who say sharing household chores, Pew Research Center reported in October.

Christianity is composed of different religions; you may find yourself more comfortable with one denomination over another.

Even if your relationship doesn't lead to marriage, you can still have a good relationship with a man who puts God first in his life.

"Americans raised in mixed religious households — where parents identified with different religious traditions — are more likely to identify as unaffiliated than those raised in households where parents shared the same faith (31 percent versus 22 percent, respectively)" reported Public Religion Research Institute in September.

For instance, Catholics are required by church doctrine to be married in a Catholic church by a priest; there are rare instances where dispensations may be allowed, but this is not the norm.A strong religious foundation can also sustain relationships through dark periods, such as the aftermath of an affair, as the Deseret News reported in September.Couples who believe their connection is sanctified, or centered on God, seem to have more success than other pairings in overcoming these difficult situations.Religiously mixed couples should be proactive about addressing the role faith will play in their family life, according to experts on religion and romance. If two people aren't on the same page, it can cause a crack in the foundation of the relationship," said Fran Walfish, a family psychotherapist, to the Deseret News in 2013. It may turn out that the object of your love professes a different religion or is a pure agnostic.

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But different religious views are no longer an issue in our contemporary world where diversity and tolerance are defined as the main values.

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