Dating a professional poker player

The MBA poker player was recognised as the Player of the Year in 20 by Cardplayer Magazine. John is remembered for his unique playing style with sheet patience and calm. There are not many female poker players who are successful but Annie is an exception.

She learned Poker at her home playing with her family.

Chris was born in a family of doctors but he developed a penchant for poker at a very early age.

He has been creating milestones in the game since 1990.When the online poker game became legal, Andrew started nailing the game.He is one of the greatest online poker players at present having a Net Worth of million.He has created a sensation on Instagram many a time and broke the internet with his crazily lavish lifestyle snaps. He had a rich dad beside him all the time but his skills and personality made him a hot and sensational internet personality.A small clip from the Las-Vegas based World Series of Poker occurred in 2013 made him one of the most searched personalities of the year. He loves luxury cars, hot women and guns and his sizzling snaps say it all. Poker is not just a game to earn few bucks and enjoy a whale of a time.

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