Dating a paralyzed woman

Is the person you will be romantically involved one you want to get naked with?

The mere act of marriage increases the female's odds (statistically) of becoming a caregiver as the couple ages, even if her mate is healthy at the beginning of the marriage.

Below is her as-told-to account of overcoming an unimaginable obstacle. Every night, before I went to bed, I’d have an existential crisis. A lot of major athletes in wheelchairs use Spinergy wheels. When I got Z Dog, my focus turned to her, and it stopped my anxious thoughts in public. I can’t believe how many boundaries have come down because of my disability, how I’m not ashamed by my body.

-Amelia Diamond I’ve been in the chair for almost nine years. I went to use the bathroom, had on high heels, and literally slipped and fell. I say technically because that is the name of my medical diagnosis, not my status as a human being.) Most people think I’m a paraplegic since I can move my arms, but I have bad dexterity and my triceps are weak; any amount of paralysis in the upper limbs classifies you as a quadriplegic. Up until that point — I was 23 when I got hurt — I’d experienced my whole life through my body. I built up Spinergy’s social media presence from scratch. And people were way more interested in her than in me. I studied English and disability studies in grad school, and there’s a whole discussion around the preferred verbiage. It’s so freeing even though I can’t move very well.

She was like my nurse — she catheterized me every day, helped me go to the gym. It means I can pee on airplanes and in cars, and that’s great.

She made that trip possible for me, to go across the country, to be independent from my parents, whom I love — but I needed to do this on my own, to be with other paraplegics. They helped me fundraise — but I didn’t want to depend on them forever. It was a huge decision; they completely rerouted my plumbing.

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What are the probabilities that the person you are going to be with can travel alongside you?And the Zumba: I would love to just show up, say hi, and see what they’d do with me. I have done dance and yoga and I’ve gone skiing (which I didn’t love because I hate being cold). I want to be known as the person who wears her disability well.I went on a surf trip to Costa Rica, which was amazing. I want to use it to educate people, to make them comfortable about things they’re uncomfortable about, to get people to break free of the preconceptions they have about disabilities and to experience the kind of freedom where you just don’t give a fuck.I have a friend whose friends take turns carrying her on trails.It’s about being creative and doing things a different way.

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