Dating a diet disaster

[]; tal.current Session Data = data; // Set up tal.customer global tal.customer = ; if (typeof Fill Email ! What if you found yourself climbing out of a bedroom window, naked, in the middle of the afternoon, to avoid being caught in bed with your married lover? After Shayla Ross discovers that yet another potential "Mr.During this time, she meets Dunkin, who becomes her friend and kindred spirit, since he is also on a recovery path after an unsuccessful relationship.

I can see a lot of ladies falling in love with this book. The title fooled me since I thought at the time I was going to read something on dieting but then realized it had to do with dating.When I started reading the novel, it was speaking on an adulterous affair with one of the teacher's students father.I shook my head on how could she do this..some of the sense of humor.This “rule” becomes what governs Shayla Ross’ life, except she kisses more frogs than she can handle and decides to take a break from dating.Her need for a relationship has driven her into accepting the wrong guys and getting hurt at the end, this prompts her decision of going on a dating diet.

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