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She dealt with dozens of doctor’s appointments, medications, sick days, running for the bathroom days, stuck in bed days, sitting on the couch days, sad days, and days just trying to get to the next one. Definitely for Ali, but I think a win for both of us, too. I tried to think of any insights I could come up with that might help one other person out there dealing with this from the same side as mine.The tough part for me was the uncertainty of what was next. It meant we were going to be OK, Ali was going to be OK, and our relationship was going to be OK. I’ve written and rewritten lots of paragraphs, and I’ve deleted entire pages.Your story is great, and I hope to find my kind and caring partner soon!You’re a great couple, and I can only hope to find someone as kind and caring and understanding, because that’s something we face, judgements by people who just don’t understand the disease, or take time to learn about the disease.It the first time I had heard about Crohn’s, so the only thing I knew about it was that this super hot chick we were about to cast had it.As the production went on, I got to know Ali better and learned a little more about her disease.

I am truly going to take his advice to heart — Just keep trying. On that note — I showed my husband your Giraffe Manor post and now it has usurped Portugal for our top vacation destination. I have created an informative video on Crohn’s disease, to show the world it’s NOT an easy thi to live with: Vdjfa7s IVg.What I wasn’t prepared for was what life with Crohn’s was like during a flare-up.It was like all of the minor inconveniences we experienced together pushed into bursts of 10–20 minutes, scattered randomly throughout the day.This wouldn’t be the last time we experienced this together, but at least I knew what to expect. I just can’t find a way to sum up any of my experience in a simple way.What to Expect Living with Someone with Crohn’s Disease Here’s the deal: I can go through all of the details of what it’s like, but none of those details matter. I can only speak from my own experience as a boyfriend, as a roommate, as a fiancé, and as a husband, but if I had to guess I would say it applies to any situation where you know someone with Crohn’s. Crohn’s disease is super personal and affects everyone differently. Be cool with not knowing when it will start or stop or go away. So instead of a witty, beautiful ending to this diatribe, I will give you an unorganized list of things I’ve learned over the past four years. And remember how incredible a person they are, because if you’re reading this and you know someone with Crohn’s, my bet is that they are a pretty special person in your life. To close this off I would just like to put out there on the internet that I like to think I am a tough dude, but I can say with 100% confidence that Ali is tougher.

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I don’t think it is the end-all-be-all to this disease, but I can say that when Ali is sick, any additional So what does this mean for you, the diseaseless person trying to figure out how to deal with or help someone with Crohn’s? She is one of the most inspirational humans I have ever met, and she amazes me every day.

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