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The evenings include events such as awards ceremonies, the annual Masquerade costume contest, and the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival, which showcases shorts and feature-length movies that do not have distribution or distribution deals.

Traditional events include an eclectic film program, screening rooms devoted to Japanese animation, gaming, programs such as cartoonist Scott Shaw!

Richard Alf, chairman in 1971, has noted an early factor in the Con's growth was an effort "to expand the Comic-Con [organizing] committee base by networking with other fandoms such as the Society for Creative Anachronism and the Mythopoeic Society, among others.

(We found a lot of talent and strength through diversity)." By the late 1970s, the show had grown to such an extent that Bob Schreck recalled visiting with his then-boss Gary Berman of Creation Conventions and reflecting, "While [Berman] kept repeating (attempting to convince himself) 'This show's not any bigger than ours!

' I was quietly walking the floor stunned and in awe of just how much bigger it really was.

I was blown away." Yet, in 2009, the estimated economic impact was criticized for allegedly negatively impacting seasonal businesses outside of Comic-Con, low individual spending estimates of attendees, that a large number of attendees live in San Diego, and that the impact of the convention was more cultural than financial.

By 2018, San Diego Comic-Con saw increasing competition from other comic conventions in places such as New York City, and Washington, D.

In the 21st century, the convention has drawn toy and collectibles designers who sell "Comic-Con Exclusive" products.In recent years, the number of television shows that are promoted far outnumber films.During the 2011 convention, at least 80 TV shows were represented, compared to about 35 films.There are at least 17 separate rooms in the convention center used for panels and screenings, ranging in size from 280 seats to 6,100 seats.The two biggest are Ballroom 20, which seats approximately 4,900; The other neighboring hotel, the Marriott Marquis & Marina, also hosts a lot of Comic-Con activity.

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In 2017, the organization acquired a lease to the Federal Building in Balboa Park, originally built for the California Pacific International Exposition and previously occupied by the San Diego Hall of Champions, with the intention of opening a Comic-Con Museum.

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