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Defeat him before he can unleash it, or find another way to stay in the game!KH Cloud/Illustrated Cloud KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)A warrior with a hefty sword who once fought against Sora.A buster sword-wielding soldier whose past failures continue to weigh on him.Believing himself weak, Cloud sought out the secrets of a hero's strength, as well as the secrets darkness might hold.A fighter hired by Hades to compete in the Coliseum.Despite his association with Hades, his heart remains untouched by the Heartless.After their battle, Cloud is either defeated, or comes out victorious, but refrains from killing Sora.

Cloud confidently says he'll pass, but later in the game, he can be fought in certain cups at the Olympus Coliseum.Sephiroth tries to convince him to turn to that darkness, but Cloud refuses, and the two battle. Later on, Cloud is led by Cid to Hollow Bastion, and reunites with Leon, Aerith, and Yuffie in the Library.Cloud appears on the Olympus Coliseum floor in Castle Oblivion, constructed from Sora's memories. However, Cloud is working for Hades to regain his lost memories, not to find Sephiroth.At this point, Hercules comes to the rescue, defending the unconscious Cloud.Sora then moves in to finish the battle, giving Hercules the chance to take Cloud to safety.

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