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Other forms of physical neglect include inadequate nutrition, clothing, or hygiene; conspicuous inattention to avoidable hazards in the home; and reckless disregard of a child's safety and welfare, such as driving with a child while intoxicated or leaving a young child in a car unattended.Educational neglect occurs when a child is allowed to engage in chronic truancy or is of mandatory school age but does not receive schooling; the refusal to obtain or allow recommended remedial education services; or the refusal to follow through with treatment for a diagnosed learning disorder or other special education need without reasonable cause.

A number of neglected children present as suffering from medical conditions, failure to thrive, or malnutrition, which in severe cases can be life-threatening.School personnel, for example, may detect indicators of neglect such as poor hygiene, low weight gain, inadequate medical care, or frequent absences.According to United States Department of Health and Human Services tracking, reported rates of neglect in the U. are higher than those for other types of child maltreatment.While reported rates of other types of child maltreatment have declined significantly in recent years, rates of neglect have not.From 1990 to 2016, rates of substantiated physical abuse declined by 40 percent and rates of substantiated sexual abuse declined by 62 percent, while rates of substantiated neglect fell by just 8 percent.

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Emotional neglect includes inadequate nurturing and affection; spousal abuse in a child's presence; allowing a child to use drugs or alcohol; the refusal, or delay in providing, needed psychological care; and encouraging or allowing maladaptive behavior such as chronic delinquency or assault.

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