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Hry o prežitie sú nesmierne populárne a na obrazovkách počítačov i konzol im dávame čoraz viac priestoru.

Bezcieľne sa túlať krajinou a vytvoriť si vlastnú oázu pokoja v nebezpečenstvom pretkanom svete je presne to pravé spojenie medzi slobodou,…

In Italian verbs are very complicated, there are three regular conjugations distinguished according to the “infinito”: amare (to love, to like), vedere (to see), capire (to understand), we say “are, ere, ire”.

In Italian there are also a lot of irregular verbs used very frequently.

We have also another very important “modo verbale” that in English doesn’t exist at all.

In English you say “I have been in Italy” (you use to have like auxiliary), we in Italian say “Sono stato in Italia” because with the verb to be we use the same verb to be like auxiliary.Voi mangiate i panini ma noi abbiamo mangiato le mele Un cane e uno scoiattolo mangiano cose diverse Ieri abbiamo mangiato bene ma il ristorante è caro. Well dear friends, we start from a vocabulary…Bene, cari amici, cominceremo dal vocabolario…Libreria = bookshop Biblioteca = library Cucina = kitchen Cucinare = kook Bagno = bathroom Stanza da letto = bedroom Questo (masculine), questa (feminine) = this Questi (masculine), queste (feminine) = these Quello, quella = that Quelli, quelle = those Prepositionsa = to, towarddi = ofda = fromin = incon = withsu = onper = towardtra, fra = between It would be simple but, in Italian, prepositions change when they are before an article…Ieri sono stato a Roma e ho pranzato in un ristorante caro. and for English speaking people, it’s usually difficult (at the beginning) to get used to this system.“anno” without H means “year”, “a” without H means “to”: Vado a Roma = I go to Rome.Writing the verb AVERE (to have) third person plural or singular without H is a common mistake also for Italian people.

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