Cell phone dating warnings

It is far and away the biggest cell phone scam, costing the industry an estimated 0m a year and causing untold anguish to the victims.How it works: Someone steals your personal details and opens a cell phone account in your name, racking up huge bills that may land in your mailbox.

Some tones — usually free ones or those exchanged via peer-to-peer software — have been hacked by scammers and can install a virus that either damages the phone or steals confidential information.

In this Scambusters issue, we identify 10 of the most common cell phone scams and the action you can take to avoid or reduce the risk of them.

Subscriber fraud is simply an offshoot of identity theft.

They can even track your phone to know where you are or where you have been at a particular time.

One piece of perfectly legal software can be secretly installed on someone else’s cell phone, then the crook — or concerned spouse — can dial in and snoop.

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