Catholic and protestant dating worst case scenario survival handbook dating pdf

He was a big fellow who looked like he could have been a professional wrestler.

Immediately, tears filled his eyes as he described his situation—his dear wife was Catholic and not only did she refuse to join him at his evangelical church, she also wouldn’t allow their children to do so.

Tell him your situation explaining that your desire is to shepherd your wife and kids from the Bible, that you’re not anti-Catholic, but that you want to lead your home as a man of God. That’s the gift that we have pastors can offer the Catholic and Protestant couples whom we serve—grace and truth centered on the person of Jesus Christ.

Every time the topic of faith arose in their home, it became a heated argument and at this point he was in despair.

I suggested that this fellow needed an advocate and perhaps there was no one better to help than a Catholic priest.

That’s life in a world full of uniquely created people.

Consequently, we shouldn’t be surprised when we disagree on how to handle specific issues; but such disagreement can’t undermine the enterprise of trying to thoughtfully navigate through our differences.

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