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This online dating site has been on magazine covers featured in FOX, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Today, The New York Times and hundreds of others. This dating site is a safe way to communicate with people.If you find that you don't want to continue communicating with someone, you can simply block them as an unwanted user.When you've found someone you like, you can subscribe to make contact by email and start getting to know them.Once subscribed, the internal email and instant messenger facilities enable you to communicate with other members and develop your relationships at your own pace within the site.All the members are supported by the dedicated customer care team who work around the clock to ensure the success of the online dating community.

With your free dating profile created, you can view photos and profiles of potential dates.

Your site on CS is your place where friends and members can come to view all these items, to contact you, send you flowers, rate your photos and leave you comments, shouts, and testimonials.

Connecting is a Minnesota based company, online since 2001, started with a mission of building a quality site, and making it totally free to use.

Their “matching” systems are nonexistent or overly subjective.

This website doesn’t claim to evaluate you perfectly, but it do claim to find someone who claims to fulfill your claimed requirements, exactly.

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With loads of quality features to help you connect with friends and singles in your area and worldwide.

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  1. I thought women were supposed to be intelligent as they claim to be and adept at selecting partners? Who knew that womens' self esteem were so low that they require validation and acknowledgement of thirsty men? If Asian women were really marrying the top tier white guys and getting ahead in all aspects of life that would be fine with me but... In fact, it's extremely rare to see an Asian woman with a high value white male.