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(My email address can be found in my Blogger profile.) Note that comments submitted to this thread more than a few days after the thread originated will automatically go into moderation. Garbling would be more difficult to explain if the numbers had been, say, 200 A. It's common for the reporting of an actual event to become garbled over time.

We have the blog set up that way in order to avoid having posts appear in old threads without our knowing of it. Often, a historical core of information will be surrounded by a lot of misinformation and contradictions (e.g., early reports of the death of Osama bin Laden).

- Benford made some misleading claims about the 1988 tape of Adler, and she claimed to have had an unlikely telephone conversation with Rossman.

Has Rossman similarly been misleading or made unlikely claims in a relevant context? I see no way to deny that Rossman has more credibility.

And William Meacham wrote to me, "I knew her [Benford], and don't think it possible that she lied or even didn't recall the conversation correctly.

I want this thread to take some steps in that direction.

" In a presentation on May 11, 1995, Thomas D'Muhala, former president of STURP, referred to a scientist who conducted a pre-1988 dating test on the Shroud as "Jerry Wasserberg".

It should be noted that the web site I just linked contains a transcript written by somebody who videotaped D'Muhala's presentation. So, the spelling of the scientist's name can't be attributed to D'Muhala.

- Secondly, it's unlikely that he'd say that he didn't want to discuss the matter any further just after confessing.

While people sometimes do things that had seemed unlikely, and the scenario Benford described might have occurred, we're being asked to accept a sequence of events that's improbable upfront.

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