Cancers dating aquarius

Wondering what is the best match for a Cancer of all 12 zodiac signs? If you want to learn more about this oddball match, however, we have a detailed Cancer and Aquarius compatibility analysis regarding love life, romance, emotions, sex life, trust, communication and shared values.

As different as these two are, having a romantic relationship that will be utterly satisfying for both will be quite a challenge.

Aquarius doesn't need much affection and certainly cannot deal with the level of intimacy Cancer demands, which can easily hurt the Crab's feelings and cause them to fold up into their shell.

Cancer values security, safety, home life, comfort, family and intimacy.Further problems may arise when one of them will try to teach the other one how to behave or do things, as they are both stubborn and like to do things their way.Learning how to compromise is the key for successful relationship between Cancer and Aquarius.After some time, Aquarius will get annoyed by Cancer's tendency to be the boss into their relationship, while Cancer will despise Aquarius' surprises and common changes.While Cancer always needs more emotions, Aquarius doesn't have a problem with lack of them.

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Aquarius values freedom, traveling, intellect stimulation, independence, latest technology and constant changes.

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