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Like stuck emotions, fixed expectations drag us down, causing doubt and anxiety to fill our beings.

We begin to close off our heart and fend for ourselves instead of being available to hear our partner out.

You commit to exploring where you are stuck, where you have put up that protective shielding, and how you can open yourself more to your partner.

This is a way to deepen a relationship, by recommitting to applying gentle curiosity toward learning about your lover. As the Buddhist master Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche once said about romance, “The problem is not that the right situations don’t arise. But we always have a certain expectation, we have hopes and fears.

Falling (and Staying) in Love—and Beyond When you offer your love to a partner, at first it’s very exploratory. You want to know more about their past, their family, and their odd little habits.You try new food at their suggestion, go to unfamiliar places, and it is all very exciting.You begin to learn all sorts of things about your partner.When you do get hurt, it is habitual to try to cover over your open heart. You shut yourself off from feeling vulnerable in an attempt not to get hurt again.After some time we all do heal, and more often than not, we once again strive to reopen our heart.

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Somewhere in the midst of a relationship, certain expectations are set up.

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