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He apparently thinks that to confront Bob Jones III's sin and heresy would undermine the Gospel.I just talked to a BJU grad whose parents were both BJU faculty lifers.She said, 'If Bob Jones III was so adamantly wrong about the interracial marriage ban being "Bible policy," what else has he taught us that is wrong.' Clearly, Bob Jones III violated and betrayed a sacred trust that an ordained minister of the Gospel - and educator - would not handle the Word of God deceitfully or craftily. However mistaken, with Bob Jones III's continued dissembling on this issue, he reveals that his 'mistake' was deliberate and that he is bent upon dodging responsibility for his actions.The authors of the Petition at Please Reconcile, Ignore, Defend, Forget, or Apologize?have done an excellent job of concisely exposing the deception Bob Jones III employed on LKL to deceive Larry King and the American people about the true nature and history of BJU's interracial dating and marriage ban.

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