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I even talked to him about how he would react to a woman my age requesting surgery for sterilization (which I am hoping to get, hopefully a bi-salp) to gauge my chances with other physicians.

It’s a bit different but my entire family is in medicine.

The pill messes with hormone production and balance by introducing a stream of synthetic hormones to our systems—and because hormones impact how we perceive other people and how they perceive us, it stands to reason that our interactions with everyone—and specifically romantic partners— would be tipped sideways by a steady stream of synthetic hormones.

In other words, hormones help us interact with the world.

A lot of guys don't take the time to let the anal muscles relax. and they just storm a woman's ass like they are invading a foreign country.

As we’ve started to get more intimate, the topic of birth control came up the other day.

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