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My dad loved dogs, as he had a lot of property and valuables he recruited any strays, feeding them and making them our watch dogs.

I was the teenager who loved animals, and used to ride around on my mountain bike with all of them.

At the end of the day I went to the loft bedroom and sat on the bed, in front of the full length mirror, and unplugged myself, squeezing and watching the warm cum slide out. I did eventually get knotted to my Alpha, Samson, and if anyone wants to hear about it I’d be happy to share! I got Samson to mount me about three weeks after I saw his exposed cock.Samson is a perfect name for this dog too–he was part St.His knot was the size of a baseball–no thank you!!!!Pretty soon the other dogs wanted to mate with me too, and I was fine with that.

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