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Have the usual avenues left you feeling frustrated and burnt out?Looking for that great relationship that’s built to last?A friend texted me recently saying, “There is an incredible amount of racism in the community against Asian guys . Dating apps — and racial preferences by extension — are just another part of the systemic racial discrimination that’s been so integral in shaping my identity and experiences.I want to enjoy talking with my friends about their matches on Tinder, but I can’t say it doesn’t hurt my self esteem when we scroll through their matches and I see pages and pages of exclusively white men.As we grow both more diverse and more discriminatory in our own generation, it’s necessary to continue thinking about how race factors into social interactions in our daily lives.I hope we can think critically about just how we form racial preferences in the first place and how we can battle these engrained preferences — because I don’t believe that claiming “I like what I like” is a sufficient response. but I think people that are presented with obstacles and grow from them end up being much happier.” While there’s obviously no ill intent here, I can’t help but think this comment can only come from a place of privilege as a white male.Unlike other Asian dating sites, e Harmony asks the important questions and then matches you with someone who’s truly compatible.

Deleting them is practically synonymous to “I’m planning on being single for a while.” While I might be able to come to terms with that (for the time being) and live life dating-app free, there’s absolutely no way that my friends and acquaintances would follow suit if I asked them to.Yours could be the next one in a long line of successful, meaningful relationships that came about because of e Harmony.Many Asian singles are looking for a partner who shares an intrinsic understanding of their culture and heritage.It then quickly segues to consider that, despite this seemingly progressive overlook, there are still some statistically significant racial preferences at play.Pointing to data pulled from OKCupid, Tinder and other academic studies, white and Asian women are consistently the highest-rated demographic groups on dating apps.

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That’s why we’ve made it easy to search for Asian singles and find people who share not just your interests but your values, too.e Harmony also specializes in matching singles with people in their geographical area, so whether you're looking for an Asian Single in Vancouver or an Asian Single in Toronto, your someone special could be right around the corner.

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