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Buzz Feed added a little icing to that cake by running a piece on 11 Beautiful Women the Media Has Called Fat. This is a woman knows how to make plane rides productive and hilarious.And the always wonderful The Mary Sue added an interesting dimension to the body image fervor by pointing the way to this fascinating series of pictures of elite athletes. I may never be fully satisfied with reading trash on my Kindle again.Howell claimed there were inaccuracies in Progress VA’s report, and Scholl asked him to name some.Howell couldn’t, but felt that the group should have mentioned other, unrelated information that he liked better.Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, STOP ABUSE ON CHILDREN, Supporting The Troops In IRAQ, Yahoo Finance, Michele Bachmann, Internet Freedom Coalition, Relationships are worth fighting for, but sometimes you can't be the only one fighting., ACT for America, TELL OBAMA WE ARE A CHRISTIAN NATION, OMG...

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That’s why we’re going to start with political jerkballery and move into things that are more awesome.

Political jerkballery In context, this is really not much problem with Rosen’s remarks.

When Scholl pressed him on how that made her accurate information inaccurate, the charming Howell said “I guess I’m not speaking in little enough words for you to understand.”Since he said it in front of reporters and at least one camera, I’d say the topic of who has better cognitive skills is open to debate. When you make the decision that it’s not OK for women to be in charge of their own reproductive decisions, someone else starts making them. Make your views known to your legislative representatives before you end up with a spoiler or the Keystone Pipeline down there. She beautifully took down every participant in the dehumanization and dissection of herself and, by extension, women in general.

And if you happen to be wondering why some people get so het up over the government passing increasingly restrictive laws about our ladybits every week, check out Jezebel’s terrifying news item (via the BBC) from Uzbekistan: The Uzbek government would like women to be having fewer children, so doctors are simply told to sterilize them without consent while they are under anesthesia. Media bits Speaking of other people telling you what’s up with your own body, someone with a media outlet and too much time on his or her hands decided Ashley Judd had a puffy face and set off a feeding frenzy over who could tear her down fastest and hardest for aging normally, for being “fat”, for allegedly having plastic surgery, or for all three. Watching her take a sledgehammer to legions of jerks – and the society and assumptions that let those jerks keep right on bottom-feeding – was bracing. Nina Katchadourian’s series of Airplane Lavatory Self-Portraits in the Flemish Style.

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