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I always get questions about my dreams in soccer and winning the World Cup was one of them! The couple now lives in a different city and Morgan stated that it is hard for her to live without her husband. She is also socially active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.Alex Morgan is also called “Baby Horse” because of her speed, accuracy, and devotion towards the game. Alex Morgan was born as Alexandra Patricia Morgan on 2 July 1989, to American parents, Pamela S. She was born and raised in the beautiful city of San Dimas, California, the United States along with her two elder sisters Jeni & Jer.

But also let her know when it's undercooked.(It won’t be worth getting sick over — again.

You’re pretty sure she likes you back, but in case it’s just wishful thinking, well… And if you never get better, well, there’s always takeout.)2.b.

Flip your hair a bit and hold her gaze a little longer than usual. When it doesn’t work, get fed up and ask her out.(Fuck subtlety.) Protip #2, 3, and 4: On cooking, food, and how to not accidentally poison each other... Brave through the poorly cooked meals because she really, really tried, and you know it.(You’ll wonder how on earth someone can mess up a recipe with three ingredients. She’ll tell you later that she pretty much survived on hot pockets and ramen in college because she dormed all four years and didn’t have a kitchen, and you’ll wonder a little less. You’re not the best cook either, and you have years to get better at cooking for each other.

Her spouse, Servando is a Mexican and is also a popular soccer player.

The couple tied their knots among their family and friends. #Just Do It #Team Nike A post shared by Alex Morgan (@alexmorgan13) on They previously played for the clubs in the same city and lived together. However, her husband's contract was declined by the club and had to join the other club. She has a perfect height of 5 feet and 7 inches and her total body is weight is 62 kg.

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