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Rooms available: Study Room 1 Study Room 2 Study rooms are for non-profit use only.

Please take note of your reservation time and day, as reservations will be cancelled 15 minutes after the reservation time if you do not show up.

Reservations may be made up to a week in advance, and must be made in person if booking on the same day.

A person commits an offense if the person in possession of any fowl which is not housed and maintained as follows: (1) Fowl must be housed or kept in an open agricultural “AO” zone; or a light industrial “LI” or a heavy industrial “HI” zone with a special permit issued by the city’s animal control division.

Rooms available: Preston Room Casteel Room Meeting rooms can be booked for non-profit and for-profit groups. Meeting rooms are for groups and can accommodate 36 or 72 people.

Group meetings do not show up on the calendar unless specified. If you have a larger group, please contact Brenda at [email protected]

The applicant must complete a written application which will be prepared and revised from time to time, by the animal control officer(s) or his/her designee.

Among other things, the application shall require the applicant to certify: (A) That the applicant is qualified for the issuance of a license (including the criteria regarding prior convictions and that no grounds for revocation exist); (B) The physical address and telephone number where the animal is being kept; and (C) That all information in the application is complete and accurate.(3) No prior convictions of certain offenses or revocation of a license.

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