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Slscman,- tfrmg instn U " Es Sn Petroleum: Mra L: B. superv pradc.i NATO Mooring and Snopori tf,: Fairio. It is certsdn Jy not “fair play” as I understand it that allows a visit by Alexander Shelepdn and reduces to a tmniromn (if it cannot scotch altogether) the contact young South Africans would have with us. There is a lot of wisdom in Ac remark attributed to Lord Thu How in the eighteenth century: “Did you ever expect a corporation to bave a conscience, when it has no soul to be damned and no body to be kicked ? The first is that we have been die ones to act Illiberally (what would have been the outcry had Pretoria refused to allow a black team to play ! The second is that schools kke Bishop’s need all the support we can give — they are on our side, as it were ! the individual, this rir'ntton is botrad ro enntinoe.

: I infer from your article tbat yon believe that some less developed countries will reach the _ present/ recent per caput consumption levels in the, so called, more . It seems far more likely that (1) the at present most developed countries will have to dedevelop during the life of the foreseeable generations and (2) some of the less developed coun- tries wig develop 'somewhat more -but to nothing like the high levels that most of us have enjoyed in the more developed countries.As for strategic arms, many major issues had already been settled. — President Carter' today promised to send a written reply to dissident Polish journalists who were ex- cluded from the first news con- ference given by an American President in a Marxist country. The President told a news conference that he would reply in writing to questions on human rights, sent to him by dissident Polish journalists.- They had been forbidden by the Polish authorities to attend the. The underground dissident newspaper O pinto asked for accreditation to cover Mr Car- ter's trip but was refused by the Polish conmrax Bst authori- ties. Moxted, KM Bodygoa ML Yeomen of the Guard i Bar to Royal Vlcorlan Medal l . QUEEN'S FIRE SERVICE MEDAL FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE QUEEN’S POLICE MEDAL FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE UNITED KINGDOM r * ogn Jff Sf BBR!

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